Olde Colonial Inn- Roasted Chestnuts blended with Brown Sugar
Colonial Confectionary Shop- inside the shop is the aroma of sweet brown sugar and yummy cinnamon- A Colonial delight!
Colonial Mulled Cider- A rich apple cider with plenty of spices
Dried Cracked Cinnamon- Cinnamon sticks- strong cinnamon!
Dried Hearth Spices- a very spicey blend- cinnamon, cloves and our special blend of other spices
1856 Manahan House- enjoy the scent of Applejack and our apple/orange blend- just like you stepped into this Historic house
1747 Fearing Tavern- hot buttered rum drinks at this Historical tavern
Granny's Gingerbread- Mmmm! Fresh from the oven and smells Grandma used to make!!
Mariah Benson's Muffins- Blueberry Muffins
New England Colonial Kitchen-Cranberries blend with Orange & Spice
New Engalnd Harvest- A cinnamon spice blend
Olde Crow Bakery- Spiced pumpkin blended with a rich buttery cornbread
Olde Plimoth Dough Bowl-Granny mixes her cookie dough in an olde wooden bowl. When they are done she sprinkles sugar on the top
Olde Hearth Cake- Creamy gooey Caramel and roasted peanuts- Yummy!!
Olde Plimoth Plantation- Ripe blackberries blended with a warm seasoned sage
1627 Spice cupboard- Cinnamon, Cloves and our special blend of other spices
The Colonial Marketplace- the sailing ships have brought their precious imported goodes-sweet oranges and chili peppers- a very refreshing scent